A publication about local community animator

The O3 task involves crafting an engaging brochure aimed at young individuals. This vibrant document is designed to unfold the exciting world of local community animation. Dive into the dynamic responsibilities and adventures that come with being a community animator. Explore the key competences and skills vital for thriving in this role, and discover where you can harness these superpowers.

Unlock the door to a profession that not only transforms communities but also shapes your personal growth journey.

Learn why stepping into the shoes of a community animator is more than just a job – it’s a chance to make waves, build connections, and be a force for positive change. Let this brochure be your map to an inspiring and impactful career!


O3 – This brochure is addressed to young people. It contains basic information about what a local community animator does, what competences he should have, where to acquire them and why it is worth getting interested in working in this profession.