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Safe work for animators

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Written by Ľubica Černá

On days 9-10 In June 2023, an international conference of employee organizations took place in Ružomberok (SK). The topic of the conference was Safe and healthy work in the digital age. The conference was attended by more than 50 participants from Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria and Albania.

It is important to define and understand all the potential sources of hazards in the workplace. Identifying those safety hazards and issues is the first step in protecting employees in the workplace. After identifying all the possible workplace hazards, the next step is to define safety policies and procedures. As some employees are reluctant to share their safety issues with their direct managers, some organizations appoint designated health and safety representatives. Workers must be able to trust that their leaders’ number one priority is keeping their employees safe and that they can report to them if they notice any unsafe activity. As part of the program, Monika Drag (WSPA) spoke in the plenary section and informed about the objectives of the LEA project, individual activities and outputs. Pilot webinars were presented to the participants.

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